DARPA and Moderna Team Up to Create mRNA Gene Therapy Injections with Deadly COVID Consequences

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DARPA has publicly acknowledged on Twitter that Moderna’s mRNA vaccine technology, including its Covid vaccine, originated from their ADEPT program.

Spartacus delves into the documented evidence revealing Moderna’s association with the Biodefense Mafia.

Introducing foreign nucleic acids, be it RNA or DNA, into the body to prompt the generation of foreign proteins inherently qualifies as gene therapy, irrespective of whether the individual’s own genetic material is altered in the process.

Cationic lipids, like the lipid nanoparticles employed in mRNA vaccines, possess the capability to deliver instructions for protein synthesis to virtually any cell type. When the immune system detects cells producing non-human proteins, severe consequences can follow for those cells.

There has been a substantial covert push for the adoption of nucleic acid vaccine technology in the years leading up to 2020, largely concealed from public view. To unearth this, one need only conduct date-specific searches for nucleic acid vaccines prior to 2020, revealing enthusiastic proponents of technology that is rapid, cost-effective, and easy to develop and manufacture.

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Naturally, the military has a vested interest in such technology for swiftly vaccinating large populations against bioweapons prior to pandemic outbreaks. This technology offers the potential for the swift development and deployment of countermeasures in the face of rapidly emerging bioweapons in wartime scenarios, and this is precisely where DARPA’s ADEPT program becomes significant.

DARPA openly acknowledges on Twitter that Moderna’s mRNA vaccine technology, including their Covid vaccine, was a product of the ADEPT program. As Stat News reported:

A review of dozens of patent applications found [Moderna] received approximately $20 million from the federal government in grants several years ago, and the funds ‘likely’ led to the creation of its vaccine technology. This was used to develop vaccines to combat different viruses, such as Zika and, later, the virus that causes Covid-19.”

With few exceptions, mainstream media has remained largely silent on this issue. The reason for this lack of information dissemination is that you, the public, are the focal point of a global military operation, with objectives including population reduction, extensive surveillance, tyrannical control over people’s movements, and the erosion of human autonomy through implanted technology.

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