Dangerous mRNA Vaccine Contaminants Were Just Discovered

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My current mission has been to expose fraud on the vaccine manufacturer’s part. I believe this is the most persuasive point for stopping the addition of new victims to the list of those injured by the COVID vaccines.

That is because it gives those who blindly supported the narrative a way to save face if they change their point of view on the vaccines (“it’s not my fault, Pfizer lied to me”), and because demonstrated fraud is the most likely thing to compel governments to act against the manufacturers.

If you consider the situation with Operation Warp Speed—using an untested technology to design a vaccine for an extraordinarily difficult pathogen, and produce that vaccine in a fraction of the time it takes to make a normal vaccine—it should be obvious that there was no reasonable way to accomplish those goals.

Instead, the best that could be expected from this haphazard scheme would be taking lots of shortcuts on safety thereby resulting in an incomplete vaccine to be thrust hastily onto the market, hoping there would not be too many issues subsequently cropping up.

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Since the manufacturer isn’t supposed to cut corners during the pharmaceutical development process, the only option was to cover it up (also known as fraud). Interestingly, when I completed my review of what was seen by each whistleblower at Pfizer, I learned that the company has a long and documented history of sweeping things under the rug and altering or deleting incriminating documents.

With the COVID-19 vaccines, the most likely points of fraud were:

  • Producing preclinical data (e.g., animal studies) that claimed that the vaccines were safe and effective.
  • Altering the clinical trials to erroneously claim the vaccines were safe.
  • Altering the clinical trials to erroneously claim the vaccines were effective.
  • Failing to produce the claimed vaccine product (there were quite a few almost insurmountable production challenges for doing this).

In a recent article, I reviewed how this issue was systemic throughout the clinical trials (e.g., those severely injured by the vaccine were aggressively gaslighted by the study coordinators so that their adverse events could be dismissed from the final results).

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Similarly, I also recently reviewed some of the other indications that Pfizer submitted fraudulent data to regulators on the production quality of their final vaccine product.

Since the time that article was written, more signs have come out confirming that Pfizer (and likely the other manufacturers) are not accurately reporting what is contained in their vaccine.

One of the most recent discoveries is particularly compelling because it helps to explain some of the observations I and colleagues have seen in our vaccinated patients – such as cases cannot be explained by anything besides vaccine shedding (e.g., a vaccinated patient who lived away from her vaccinated husband, relapsing each time she was with him until he was treated as well).

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