CDC Caught Scrubbing COVID Vaccine Adverse Events From Website

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The CDC made an announcement that caught my attention. They closed enrollment in V-safe on May 19, mentioning that the program was designed specifically for COVID-19 vaccines. The interesting part is that they’re working on a new version of V-safe that will allow users to share their experiences with new vaccines.

According to the Epoch Times, V-Safe has had quite the participation since its launch in December 2020. Over 10.1 million participants completed around 151 million health surveys related to their post-COVID-19 vaccination experiences. Here’s where it gets intriguing: out of those participants, about 3.53 million individuals reported being adversely affected by the vaccination.

The impacts reported were quite varied. For instance, 1.2 million individuals stated that they were unable to carry out normal activities, while 1.3 million missed school or work, and approximately 800,000 required medical care. In total, V-Safe received reports of 6.45 million health impacts.

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When it comes to demographic data, white people were the most impacted, with 2.6 million of the 3.53 million affected individuals being white. Among whites, females made up the majority at 1.9 million, while around 200,000 Asian and 200,000 Black individuals were also affected.

What’s interesting is the comparison between V-Safe and VAERS, another system that’s been around for a while and is jointly managed by the CDC and the FDA. When it comes to reported symptoms, pain took the lead with 19 million reports, followed by fatigue at 11.7 million, headache at 9.1 million, and muscle/body aches at 7.2 million. More than 751,000 people said they needed care after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and the age breakdown is quite telling.

The decision to stop V-Safe has raised some eyebrows. Dr. David Gortler, a former member of the FDA’s senior executive leadership team, criticized the move, pointing out that he couldn’t recall another instance of any agency or manufacturer halting safety data collection. He highlighted that V-Safe was gathering safety data about mRNA vaccines, a technology with uncertain long-term consequences.

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It’s interesting to note that V-Safe was suspended while the CDC continues to encourage people, including those as young as six months old, to keep up with COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. What makes it even more complex is the lack of ingredient information sharing. On the other hand, there’s VAERS, which has seen a substantial number of adverse event reports. Yet, the CDC has argued that VAERS is not reliable without offering an alternative trustworthy repository for vaccine adverse events.

This raises concerns and leaves us with a lot of questions. Are we truly getting all the information we need about vaccine safety? It’s a thought-provoking situation that makes you wonder about the transparency of the entire process.

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