Canada’s Budget Allots Millions of Dollars for “Vaccine Passports” Until 2026, Memo Shows

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Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) announced an end to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) several months ago, the Justin Trudeau regime of Canada has budgeted millions of dollars for so-called “vaccine passports” for Canadians until the year 2026.

A recently leaked memo from Health Canada dated March 23, nearly a year after vaccine passports were officially withdrawn from Canadian society, requested increased funding for Fauci Flu shot passports and tracing measures for the next three-plus years.

The purpose of the funding is to ensure the continued provision of the Canadian COVID proof of vaccination credentials both as a health record and to facilitate mobility in the context of international travel as well as support the application of public health measures as needed going forward,” reads the memo titled “Supplementary Estimates.

This same memo reveals a Public Health Agency of Canada budget figure of $17.6 million “over three years starting in 2022-2023 to sustain the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination credentials.”

“This funding will allow the Agency to provide continued proof of vaccination policy and program support to provinces and territories,” the memo further states.

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