After Bill Gates-Funded Malaria Vaccine Rollout in Kenya, 90 School Girls Experience ‘Unexplained Paralysis’ Months Later: Coincidence?

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In July 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported the allocation of 18 million doses of a pioneering malaria vaccine to 12 African countries.

These vaccines, funded by the GAVI Alliance, a group established and backed by Bill Gates, were part of a 2-year rollout plan. Bill Gates, known as the world’s largest private donor to the WHO, played a pivotal role in this initiative.

However, a troubling development emerged in Kenya, as over 90 schoolgirls from Eregi Girls High School experienced a mysterious illness that led to paralysis, primarily affecting their legs. This alarming situation raised serious concerns among parents, school officials, and the community at large.

Initial tests at Ihugu Hospital indicated elevated electrolyte levels, suggesting significant fluid loss, which can be caused by conditions like severe diarrhea and profuse sweating. Electrolytes are vital for maintaining cellular balance and facilitating nerve and muscle function.

This incident has prompted an urgent investigation by local authorities to determine the cause of the illness, with the paramount goal of preventing any further occurrences. The health and well-being of the affected students take precedence as the community anxiously awaits more information.

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This event follows a similar outbreak earlier in the year at Mukumu Girls High School, where tragically, two students and a teacher lost their lives, and more than 500 students were hospitalized.

The gravity of the situation is underscored by the increasing number of students being admitted to various hospitals, including KCGH, Shibwe, and Iguhu Level Four Hospital. There are fears that the count of affected students may rise, as some healthcare facilities are struggling to manage the influx of patients.

While preliminary tests at KCGH indicate a disease causing leg paralysis among the Eregi students, the exact cause and nature of the illness remain a subject of intense investigation.

This development has reignited discussions about the broader implications of mass vaccination campaigns and their potential consequences on public health.

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