ABC Presenter Shares Her Story of Suffering an Injury Caused by the Jab

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ABC news reporter Eleni Roussos has candidly shared her experience of enduring a Covid-19 vaccine injury, describing it as “a living nightmare”.

Motivated by former AMA president Kerryn Phelps’ public account of her own experience, the national broadcaster’s Northern Territory presenter has decided to come forward with her story.

Following the lead of @drkerrynphelps, Roussos took to Twitter declaring that she too has experienced a living hell due to pericarditis resulting from her COVID vaccination. Vaccine injuries are authentic and severe, which is why we earnestly hope more folks will come forward with their stories.

ABC Presenter Shares Her Story of Suffering an Injury Caused by the Jab

An overwhelming number of people took to the journalist’s Twitter page, sharing their personal experiences with vaccine injuries.

However, others were critical of Roussos’ delay in voicing her opinion.

“Eleni, it is commendable that you finally have the courage to speak out. However, why did not you do so before? When people who experienced negative side effects from vaccines were disregarded and told they were just imagining things?”

“Amidst the stigmatization and derogatory comments toward those who refused to be pressured into an experimental treatment that they had conducted their own research on and determined was too risky – why did ABC overlook all this? As a reporter, can you help illuminate this issue?”

This week, Phelps – a supporter of both masks and vaccines – went on national media to share her story of long-term health conditions as a result from immunization.

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In her submission to a parliamentary inquiry on prolonged Covid symptoms, she strongly encouraged the government to conduct more comprehensive inquiries into vaccine injuries.

The NSW doctor and former politician also claims that health regulators are muzzling any talk about potential vaccine injuries, alleging most physicians remain silent out of fear they will be stripped of their license.

The topic of vaccine injuries is typically met with stigma and prejudice, as those who discuss it are often deemed “anti-vaxxers” or accused of believing in unfounded conspiracy theories.

In response to Roussos’s tweet, Phelps commented:

“My submission to the parliamentary inquiry was done with the wish that it would create a dialogue about long covid and vaccine injury. It is my hope that we can find solutions leading individuals like you towards recovery.”

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