A Recent Paper by Fauci Suggests That the Federal Government Was Aware From the Start That COVID Vaccines Would Be “Decidedly Suboptimal” in Quality

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After his departure from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci divulged why Covid-19 vaccines have been unable to thwart infection and contagion in a matter of months.

Recently, Elsevier’s medical journal Cell Host and Microbe released a “perspective” from Dr. Fauci’s office illustrating that NIAID had sensible reasons to anticipate vaccine failure prior to authorization. This was based on exhaustive research conducted during the 38-year span in which Dr. Fauci has been at the helm of NIAID.

A Recent Paper by Fauci Suggests That the Federal Government Was Aware From the Start That COVID Vaccines Would Be “Decidedly Suboptimal” in Quality

The United States has authorized Covid vaccines that are based on the revolutionary mRNA platform, providing systemic immunity rather than mucosal protection and delivered through injections instead of nasal sprays.

For a long time, opponents of U.S. policy such as law professor Todd Zywicki have been vocal in their belief that mucosal immunity gained through infection is paramount to fully protecting against Covid-19 – and he backed his argument by suing George Mason University for an exemption from the vaccine mandate.

In amazement, Zywicki noted that even those writing scholarly articles on Covid vaccines are not acquainted with mucosal immunity. As an example of this lack of knowledge, he pointed to a November article published in The Lancet which indicated natural infection is more likely to protect people from recurrent infections than the Pfizer or Moderna vaccinations.

The researchers hypothesized that the increasing discrepancy in protection post-vaccination could be attributed to “dissimilar duties of mucosal immunity,” or even that receiving a vaccine may activate systemic resistance which cannot endure at upper respiratory sites.

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A Recent Paper by Fauci Suggests That the Federal Government Was Aware From the Start That COVID Vaccines Would Be “Decidedly Suboptimal” in Quality

In a recent Twitter poll conducted by Zywicki, one-third of respondents admitted they were oblivious to the concept of mucosal immunity – an unsettling statistic.

In a riveting lecture, the legal professor studied natural immunity compared to immunization and its effect on mucosal protection. Drawing on abundant research, Zywicki presented persuasive insight into this subject. Even more impressively, he wrote an amicus curiae brief in defense of a member of the Air Force who was contesting the command to get vaccinated for Covid-19. Navy service members’ battle to overturn the mandatory requirement of Covid vaccination relies upon similar mucosal-immunity research.

The NIAID paper emphasizes the critically important role of mucosal immunity, while highlighting the historic obstacles to developing such vaccines as well as potential strategies for next-generation vaccines.

If the paper wasn’t created by federal public health officials, Big Tech may enact “misinformation” protocols; Twitter infamously restricted access to a CDC-authored document that discussed waning vaccine efficacy.

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Unlike most other common illnesses, the SARS-CoV-2 virus specifically preys on human respiratory mucosa without causing any damage to other essential parts of our bodies. The same is true for influenza A, RSV and colds. To date, no existing or experimental vaccines have been able to contain any of these viruses.

This paper strongly condemns flu vaccines, describing their performance as “disastrously deficient,” and proposing that they are completely inadequate for immunizing against other diseases. Evidently, these vaccinations are not as effective as the anticipated standard vaccine. As Covid-19 variants advance, so do the inadequacies of the existing vaccines.

The intramuscular, intranasal, conjunctival and aerosol modes of vaccine administration are vital in eliciting the desired respiratory responses. Whenever possible and practical, mucosal immunization is the best approach to guard against respiratory viruses.

Dr. Fauci’s delayed recognition of mucosal immunity provoked swift outrage on Twitter, with George Mason University professor Todd Zywicki astoundedly commenting: “He just declared this obvious truth after three years?”

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When Kevin McKernan, a genomics researcher, highlighted that intramuscular injections do not provide mucosal immunity, Dr. Fauci was forced to address the issue head-on. Regrettably, Twitter has specifically targeted this individual due to their vocal dissent.

Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute, which challenges traditional Covid approaches, couldn’t believe what he was hearing when Dr. Fauci said that a vaccine could not stop transmission or spread of the virus – nor even pass standard trials to be effective – and bring an end to this pandemic.

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