8-Year-Old Featured in COVID Propaganda Video Dies After Cardiac Arrest

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The tragic story revolves around Yonatan Erlichman, an Israeli child who, at the age of five, appeared in a government-produced video alongside his father, Dr. Ira Erlichman, a pediatrician.

The video was part of a government-run program called “Shushki in the Land of Binyamin,” designed to educate and entertain children. In this particular episode, titled “In Quarantine with Shushki,” a puppet character named Shushki expresses anxiety and confusion about the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures in place, including quarantine.

Yonatan’s father, Dr. Erlichman, takes over the conversation with Shushki, explaining the necessity of quarantine and other COVID-19 precautions. He emphasizes the importance of following these rules, including social distancing, masking, and testing. The video aims to educate children about the pandemic and the precautions they should take.

Tragically, on the eve of Yom Kippur, a holy day for the Jewish nation, eight-year-old Yonatan suffered a cardiac arrest while in a bathtub, ultimately leading to his passing. Despite resuscitation efforts, he could not be saved, and he was declared dead a few days later in the hospital.

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Questions have arisen about Yonatan’s vaccination status, as well as the potential link between the vaccine and his cardiac arrest. Some individuals are demanding more information and calling for a thorough investigation into the matter.

The video, filmed in July 2020, predates the rollout of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in Israel. Dr. Erlichman in the video explains the concept of vaccines to Shushki and reassures children that vaccines are essential for protection against diseases.

It’s worth noting that Yonatan’s grandfather, Dr. Mati Erlichman, a medical doctor, also advocated for COVID-19 vaccinations, citing research that deemed them safe and effective.

However, questions and concerns linger regarding the circumstances surrounding Yonatan’s tragic passing and its potential connection to the COVID-19 vaccine. These uncertainties underscore the importance of transparent and thorough investigations into such cases.

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